Octobre 2020, Naples, Italy

Curated by Roberto Monte and held at the Piano Nobile of Palazzo Ducale di Parete, the headquarters of PAM, Presenze Contemporanee has pursued with tenacity and passion the ambitious goal of becoming permanent appointment on the Italian and international scene for the promotion and discussion of importance of art and artistic creation today.

At the Parete Art Museum, Presenze Contemporanee will be an open laboratory for aspiring artists, which offers lectures and workshops offers performances with the aim of dealing with the local reality through workshops and laboratories interact and establish links with the territory.

January 2020, Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal

The ARQUIPÉLAGO – Contemporary Arts Center will host the exhibition How to Build an Island – Úterus Azorica under the curatorship of Bernardo Rodrigues within the Use&Abuse’s contest, an initiative of PICA – Creative Industries Platform of the Azores, which sets its goal in reinventing and reimagining the endogenous resources of the Azores such as rocks, fibers, sole and wood, ensuring their sustainable use and shaping them into something other than the obvious so they can bring along more value to the archipelago.

With ENDÓGENOS AZORES Caterina Plenzick and Katrin Krupka delivered a holistic concept, which makes use of local pozzolans and a low energy production of tile designs, which is embedded in a scenario that reinforces a dynamic economical network between the nine Islands of the Azores.

Group of Exhibitors: Caterina Plenzick & Katrin Krupka, Gonçalo Campos, Sam Baron, Sónia Soeiro, Ana Rita Campos, Filipa Silva, Sónia Domingos



Octobre 2019, Weimar

Katrin Krupka takes over the visiting professorship at the Faculty of Art and Design for the professorship Material and Environment.

In her courses, design and research methods in dealing with materials and technology are tested,  socio-cultural and circular topics are linked and developed in collaborative design processes.